The Journey

Discovering a New way of Life in Following Jesus and becoming His Disciple
The Journey is a three step process that brings you into a relationship with Jesus and helps you to discover who you are through a Discipleship Process
Step One 

Welcome to your Journey!

We know that your life will not necessarily change by just listening to a sermon on a Sunday morning. But it will change by having a foundation of who God is, who God created you to be, and by bringing actual content to life so that you can experience change. Whether you are a new believer or a season believer this will give you the tools necessary to make disciples and grow spiritually.

What is X change?

X change is specifically designed to be a laser focused, life transforming teaching -by not just learning principles but also bring the content to life with at least one lab each week. X change has a variety of worksheets, discussion questions, journaling prompts and suggestions for additional reading. X change begins by addressing the broad, foundational spiritual concepts, and then moves into the practical way we live out our faith. Next, it transitions to a focus on our relationships with others and finishes with developing a readiness to become a disciple maker.

         What do I need to do?

Plug into a class, we will begin with two classes. The new believers class, (called Next) and X change Zero. After completing X change Zero we will transition to X change one.


Description of Modules in Step 1:

Next is a collection of twelve sessions for a new believer. When we experience our second birth its important to begin to understand who we’ve become in Christ! Why, so we live out our new identity.


X change Zero: Understanding a beginning is critical because it provides the answer to the question why? Like all things, the human race had a beginning. Come understand the heart of the creator and his reason for making us into His image.


X change One: In a culture that is embedded in a postmodern mindset (where every view is considered valid) it becomes vital for us to be able to have a solid answer to Christ’s claims and to be able to hold an intelligent conversation about our faith. The Bible is the One True Word from God, a supernatural revelation directly inspired by God. Learn to be solid in your understanding of the Word of God- our Map!


Membership: This session is the beginning your journey of growth here at the Onset Foursquare Church! In this class you will learn more about the church, have opportunities to find community and build relationships, see the importance of believing in Jesus, and have the opportunity to become a member.

Step Two
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Step Three
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