Sometimes We Just Need A Word From The Lord

Sometimes we just need a word from the Lord. Any word from Him will do. Just to break that silence and remove the noise all around us that keeps trying to distract us from what God has already told us making us weary. Has anyone ever felt that way or is it just me? I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I know who I am and Who’s I am, I know that He loves me, I know that He keeps me, I know that He provides for me but still I just need a word from Him so my heart will stop aching and my mind would stop running. Just a word Lord is all we need. Whether it’s in the wind that blows, the fire that burns, the water that flows, the rain that falls, the clouds that roll by, the stars that shine so brightly in the sky or the sun that makes everything grow. I know You are able Abba Father. We need a word that will change minds. A word that will comfort the brokenhearted. A word that will put a smile on someones face. A word that will stop the tears from falling. Just a word, just a word Lord. A word that will stop contentions from flowing. A word that will bring families together. A word that will heal broken marriages. A word that will soften hard hearts. A word that would cause LOVE to overflow from parents to children and from children to parents.Lord send a word that will bring peace to our minds and hearts. Send a word Lord for we need to hear from You, right now. In Jesus’s Name Amen and Amen