Praying & Prayers

Praying is supposed to be a way of life for the Christian and yet some prayers remain unanswered so what do we do when our prayers remain unanswered? We don’t give up we continue to pray steadfastly, unceasingly, continuously until our prayers get answered with either a yes, a no or He may tell us not yet we need to wait but we will always get an answer from God our Father in heaven because He hears us when we call on Him and pray in the Name above all names which is Jesus the Christ, His only begotten Son for the Word of God does not lie and His word does what it says it will do because God is not like man and everything God says He will do, Even though we have to wait sometimes our prayers will get answered but we have to be vigilant believing that He will do what He said He will do and that takes faith for if we doubt then we cause our prayers to hit the ceilings of our houses or to stay in the atmosphere for without faith it it is impossible to get our prayers answered. We must believe that He is able and we need to know that He hears us when we pray for the word of God tells us not to be double minded. Our Father knows what we need before we ask Him and yet He still wants to hear from us because He loves us and wants a deeper relationship with us and prayer accomplishes that. Praying is just talking to our Father, acknowledging Him, thanking HIm because we have a grateful heart which draws us closer to Him. So if our prayers are delayed just stand on the word of God, trust Him,, love Him, be thankful for all the answered prayers we have already received as we continue to seek the Lord praying always in all things and in all situations waiting for the answers to come and remember God is always on time for He has perfect timing! Stay strong, be encouraged and be blessed for we serve a great and awesome God and we can call Him, Abba which means Father in Hebrew for that is what He is for we are sons and daughters of the most high God, our heavenly Father.