Prayer Points

Points that you can Pray during this Time

Points for Ukraine


Russian Troops Around UKRAINE

In 2014 Russian and separatists troops invaded Eastern Ukraine and claimed Crimea as their own. Invading troops have remained in Eastern Ukraine in the years since then with periodic bombings and skirmishes reported, while Crimea remains annexed by Russia.


Current Threat in 2022


Now there are reports of increased presence of troops along the Eastern border of Ukraine, but also Russian troops are amassing in Belarus along Ukraine’s northern border. Some of my friends in Ukraine are making plans to flee in the event of an attack. Already the economy is affected with gas and electricity already going up by 50%, making an already tough economy even worse.


Russia reportedly has 265,000 troops around Ukraine. This would overwhelm Ukraine’s 80,000 troops should a conflict occur. The USA and European nations were reluctant to get involved until recently. But now that America has provided military support, several other countries have followed suit. This may deter Russia now that there is some solidarity against their aggression towards Ukraine. But Russia is claiming their presence is justified, because of these defensive stances of Ukraine and other countries.


Prayer Points


• Pray for peace in Ukraine and for the safety of its citizens.

• Pray for Ukraine’s economy and the impact this current threat has on their finances.

• Pray that good will triumph over evil.

• Pray for a diplomatic solution to this crisis.

• Pray that Putin will not be greedy for land, and that Russia and Ukraine can coexist as neighbors.

• Pray for a change of heart for Putin and the other Russian leaders.

• Pray against false flag events that could trigger a first shot being fired.

• Pray that Ukraine will regain its sovereignty as an independent nation; and that occupation of Eastern Ukraine and Crimea would cease.


God’s people must pray for peace in Ukraine and against evil aggression. I believe that God will hear our prayers! Believe for a peaceful conclusion to this crisis!