Meet Asst. Pastor Manny Andrews
The Lord will use what He will to draw our attention to Him. For Pastor Manny it was the strong basketball tradition at his former Catholic church which kept him involved in church. Basketball, coupled with the love, encouragement and mentoring he received at his former church strengthened him to the extent that he avoided the many opportunities to go astray as a teen.
Pastor Manny gave his heart to the Lord in 1988, after seeing his parents turn their lives around after attending a bible study. As he looks back on those influential years, he can clearly see how the Lord used his experiences to bring him to where he is now.  He placed high value on mentoring, but through careful bible study, he learned the difference between mentoring and disciplining. Now, as a disciple- maker, he delights in ushering people into a deeper relationship with the Lord.
An Assisting Minister, he has served as a Life Group Facilitator for 6 years, has a 7 year tenure on the Onset Foursquare Church Council; he is certified as a FEMA Disaster Relief First Responder, teaches bible studies, preaches and serves as a hospital chaplain. Pastor Manny is known as a “cradle to grave” Pastor as God has anointed him to be able to reach all ages, with babies, teens and the elderly being his special gifting.

Pastor Manny became a licensed minister in 2006.  He is a history buff who is looking forward to his third trip to Israel in the near future. Pastor Manny will always greet you and part with you by saying “SHALOM”.