Meet Asst. Pastor Joseph Goodine

Pastor Joe grew up with a twice on Sunday exposure to church. On Sunday mornings, he went to the Catholic Mass with his grandmother and Sunday afternoons he went to the Baptist church with his grandfather.
Pastor Joe knew of the Lord growing up, but never made Jesus Christ his Lord and Savior. As an adult, he tapped into the “American Dream”, with a good job, home ownership and family and friends that he cared about deeply. Soon he became addicted to alcohol and crack cocaine and battled suicide and depression as he saw everything he had worked for disappear.
He has an amazing testimony of how God graciously used his born again teenage son’s church family to speak words of love and faith-filled encouragement at a critical time that led to his entering rehab. While in rehab he studied the word of God and discovered God’s deep and abiding love for him. Touched by that love, he gave his heart to the Lord in 1998. He has a deep compassion for the lost and those struggling with addiction.
He oversees the OFC Mission and Evangelism teams and leads bible studies in New Bedford. He has taken missionary trips to Iloilo City in the Philippines and participated in the Relief Bus which feeds the homeless in New York City.

Pastor Joe was licensed in 2013 and was ordained in 2015 through the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. He served in the Navy from 1977 to 1982. He is married to Nerissa Blancaflor Goodine who he met while on a missionary trip to the Philippines.