Pastor G
Meet Senior Pastor Gerald Fernandes
Pastor Gerald A. Fernandes, affectionately known as Pastor G or Pastor Jerry has served in ministry for 28 years, with 20 of those years as Senior Pastor at Onset Foursquare Church. Pastor G is an ordained minister who has preached nationally as well as to far reaching places such as Australia, Vanuatu and the Philippines. Pastor G has travelled to Israel three times and is preparing to co-lead an upcoming tour.
Twenty-eight years ago, God called Pastor G “to go where I send you”. Obedience to that call was met with many challenges. Trusting God, in and through those challenges, has led to Pastor G’s development as a dynamic, catalytic servant- leader who is a great source of encouragement and support to everyone he encounters whether through preaching the word or engaging in everyday life with others. The anointing on Pastor G’s life and willingness to serve where needed has seen him: respond to a public school’s call to develop a program for at-risk boys, support church planting, tent revivals, and serve the homeless and a weekly soup kitchen. His Bible studies and leadership development within his congregation are all tied to his mission to make disciples and to encourage others to be disciple-makers as they fulfill God’s plan for their life.
There is nothing ordinary about Pastor G as he engages in a rabbinical style of teaching – asking questions, and always viewing the world from a Kingdom perspective. This teaching style is thought provoking and life changing as opposed to reacting to what our five senses pick up on. Pastor G does not give answers, but encourages you to search your heart and the scriptures.
Pastor G is well known for his outgoing personality, which combined with his deep love for God and his knowledge of the word engages people with the desire to know more. His foundational belief is that “God should be in everyone’s life, thereby fulfilling the will of God in their lives”.

Pastor G’s initial obedience, ‘to go where God sends him”, has positioned him to sit with many national leaders. His wisdom and devotion to the Kingdom have lifted the ministry he has been called to fulfill to new heights. His wisdom and knowledge of leadership development are well known and have led to him serving as Divisional Superintendent of NEAD Foursquare. Pastor G is a member of the Wareham Area Clergy Association.