Pastor David Johnson
Meet Asst. Pastor David Johnson

Pastor David Johnson has been involved in ministry with Foursquare for over 20 years. David was a longtime member of the foursquare church in Worcester since 1999. Pastor David Loves making connections with people and connecting people to God, he has a heart for evangelism and disciple-making. His favorite scripture is Jeremiah 29:11 and he holds firm to the motto, “Serving God by Serving Others”.
Pastor David grew in his relationship with the Lord through discipleship & ministry training while being on the church leadership team, serving on the church council and working on staff at the Worcester Foursquare Church while under the mentorship of Pastor Bobby Murrieta.
His educational background was with ELN school of Ministry program with a focus on Pastoral Leadership in 2015, also a graduate of the New England Bible Institute (formerly NEFBI), and participated in the district church multiplication cohort. David received his pastor license through the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel in early 2016.
David and his wife Shelly have been married over 13 years and have 5 precious children. God has blessed them with a relationship of more than 21 years. His wife Shelly, holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology/Sociology and a Masters of Arts Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Through personal experience and formal education their conviction is that a strong healthy family is a necessary staple for fruitful ministry.

Together Pastor David & Shelly hold two strong desires, One: to minister to the next generation. Two: to minister to Families, intentionally serving marriages and parents. These both go hand in hand; “Next Gen” & “Family Life”. Whether it is newborns. infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, youth, young adult, singles, single parents, young couples, newlyweds, first time parents, etc… Whether it be baby dedications, marriage ceremonies, parenting classes, pre-marital counseling, Sunday school, youth events, Family discipleship trainings, etc. God has placed these things on their hearts for such a time as this.