Kingdom Man

Responsible Man

There is a need in our nation for men who are willing to stand up and lead others toward godly living. As one of those men, this means you must live it out first. You must claim responsibility for that which God has given you.

When talk about a Kingdom Man, we need to talk about  responsibility:

One of the critical elements to advance God’s kingdom is understanding that, as a man, you are responsible for that which falls within the realm of influence that God has given you: your family, ministry, career, resources, community or other areas of personal influence. A man who foregoes responsibility in the chaos or confusion of his realm, whether or not it is his direct doing, has thus prevented himself from remedying it. Not only does he lack God’s power to advance, but he has also disqualified himself from even fixing what has been broken.

The good news for you is the power you need to advance God’s kingdom is readily available! As a believer of Christ the Holy Spirit dwells within you and waits for you to step up and claim that responsibility.