In Times Of Trouble What Do We Do


In times of trouble what do we do, do we get anxious, are we fearful, do we fight against the wrong people, do we fight back, do we curse or blame others, do we ignore what’s going on around us, are we quiet or silent,or do we refuse to get involved saying it’s someone else’s problem or concern, do we jump in do what other’s are doing even though we know it’s wrong, or do we get on our knees and pray, read our word, listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit so that we are lead by God and not our own understanding. This is my question for everyone including myself! What are we doing in times of trouble are we part of the problem or are we part of the solution? As the saying goes, ‘WWJD’ in other words, ‘What Would Jesus Do’. Don’t we all know the real and truthful answer to that question! So what are we doing? Are we really doing what Jesus would do? Each of us has to look deep within our souls to answer that question. I don’t care about the color of our skin and Jesus doesn’t either for no where in the Bible does God talk about color although He does talk about free or slave, Jew or Gentile but not about color for we were all created by God the Father in His likeness and image and He loves all of us the same because He is not a respecter of people.We need to stand as one voice, in unity and on one accord because there is only One God, One King and One Spirit. So let us examine ourselves and then pray and pray and pray and pray for this country until we see a change in hearts, minds and actions. Let us not grow weary and continue to call on the Name that is above all names, the Name of Jesus for Jesus is the only Name that can bring supernatural change and that is what we need right now because we are not fighting against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places this is Spiritual Warfare so let us put on the Whole Armor of God and fight the good fight. (Ephesians 6:10-18)