How Deep Are Our Roots

How deep are our roots? Do we grasp what God is saying and what His Holy Spirit is imparting into us as Jesus continues to mediate and intercede on our behalf praying that we do just that! The roots of this tree in the picture grasps as it knows very well Whom its Creator is. For in the picture the tree appears as if it has hands that are reaching down trying to get more of what it already has. Are we like that tree that stands ever so tall and whose roots are deep within the soil that nourishes it? Do we reach down deep into our soul and spirit and then reach upwards towards our Creator, Who nourishes our soul and refreshes us when we are in need as this tree does? Just what and where are we laying down our roots? Are we being fed by the word and with fellowship with our Lord and with others who are like minded or are we being fed by the ways of this world. The word of God tells us that we are in this world but not of this world so we need to be very careful of what is going into us making sure that we are feeding on good soil which is the Word of God, is Jesus because the Word came down from heaven in the Flesh to be with us and to feed us as the Shepherd does. So let us be mindful of what we put in so that what is in us can pour out as it was intended and so that our roots will continue to run deep not just within ourselves but that our seeds would fall off and cause others to have strong roots in the Lord and then their seeds would fall on good ground and so on. Be blessed and stay in the Word and around others who are seeking the same. Amen and Amen