God’s Love

The love of God does not change towards us when we fall short and miss the mark in fact it grows deeper because there is nothing He will not do to get us back on track. He will open doors that were closed before. He will turn around those circumstances and situations on our behalf so that we will know that it was Him and only Him now that’s real love. His word says that He will never leave us or forsake us which means He will will do everything in His power to draw us back to Him unlike the world when we make mistakes they want to throw us away or drop us like a bad habit but when God looks at us He sees the blood of His Son Jesus that was shed for us and covers us. Now that’s true love that’s Agape Love and that is the same love that we are suppose to give to others so brothers and sisters let us always remember the blood which is the love that our Father has for us that He would sacrifice His only Son that we might have life and life more abundantly. A song writer put it this way ” I’m not lucky I’m loved” and that is so true God’s love is above every kind of love and because we belong to Him we need to share that love.