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Alfred’s December Trip to Ukraine – Dec. 3 – 13, 2020

Pre-Trip Prayer Points
  1. Pray for travel plans to come together according to God’s will. Pray that I can reach the locations and orphanages that we plan to go to.
  2. Pray that Alfred, Linda and the OFC Missions Team will receive guidance and direction from Holy Spirit.
  3. Pray that the email newsletters and other trip awareness efforts will reach the hearts of hundreds of believers who will pray for the success of this trip and who will give cheerfully as God leads.
  4. Pray that we reach our goal of raising $1,900.
  5. Pray for safe travels for Alfred and his team on airplanes, trains, buses, metro, cars and on foot.
  6. Pray that my travels will not be hindered by Covid-related restrictions or fears.
  7. Pray that God would release funding to help orphans, families, and refugees; and to assist churches, organizations, pastors and others doing Kingdom work in Ukraine.
  8. Most Ukrainians live below or well below the poverty line and are especially hard hit with the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine, and of course the additional hardships of the current lockdowns. Pray for hearts to change and for God’s provision to pour out on this land.
  9. Pray that God will give me the right messages when I speak in church meetings and in orphanages. Pray that I will preach with boldness as Holy Spirit speaks through me.
  10. Thank God for all the fruit that will come about. Thank you Father for salvations, healings, deliverances and provision!
Daily Prayer Points
  • Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020 – Alfred flies from Boston at 7 PM to Amsterdam.
  • Friday, Dec. 4 – Alfred flies from Amsterdam arriving in Kiev, Ukraine at 1 PM their time. (Ukraine is 7 hours ahead of EST). Uber car from airport to hotel.
  • Saturday, Dec. 5 – Alfred travels by car to Cherkasy. Make plans for weekend and orphanage visits with Sasha, Sergei and Aleksey.
  • Sunday, Dec. 6 – Attend church, AM.   Shop for gifts for orphans, PM.
  • Monday, Dec. 7 – Visit “Warm House” Children’s Shelter. I had a dream about this place: that there were about a dozen unsaved children, and I would present the Gospel to them and they would accept Jesus!
  • Tuesday, Dec 8 – Travel about 70 miles by car to Gorodische. Visit orphanage there. Travel by car, bus or train in evening to Zhitomir oblast.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 9 – Meet Pastor Viktor and make plans for orphanage visits.
  • Thursday, Dec. 10 – Shop for gifts for orphans. Visit 2nd orphanage in Zhitomir oblast.
  • Friday, Dec. 11 – Travel Zhitomir to Kiev.
  • Saturday, Dec. 12 – Travel from Kiev to hotel near Borispol Int’l Airport.
  • Sunday, Dec. 13 – Take early morning flight to Amsterdam, then to Boston.


Mens Gatherings

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The Journey

Discovering a New way of Life in Following Jesus and becoming His Disciple
Join the large number of people who are on the Journey to discover who they are in Jesus Christ and grow in the
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Committed Couples

Our Next Gathering
The couples will be getting together on March 27. 2020 at 6:30 at 301 Onset Ave all couple are welcome to come and experience the Love God has for our relationships.
If you have any questions contact office at 508-291-1595



Christian fasting isn’t some kind of a “work” that’s commanded by Christ or required by Scripture. However, that doesn’t mean that fasting isn’t recommended as a part of our spiritual growth. The Book of Acts records believers fasting before they made important decisions (Acts 13:4; 14:23). Fasting and prayer are often linked together (Luke 2:37; 5:33). Too often, the focus of fasting is on the lack of food. However, the purpose of fasting is to take our eyes off the things of this world and instead focus on God. Fasting is a way to demonstrate to God and to ourselves that we are serious about our relationship with Him. Although fasting in Scripture is almost always a fasting from food, there are other ways to fast. Anything you can temporarily give up in order to better focus on God can be considered a fast (1 Corinthians 7:1-5). Fasting should be limited to a set time, especially when the fasting is from food. Extended periods of time without eating are harmful to the body. Fasting is not intended to punish our flesh, but to focus on God.
Join us as we fast from January 1-21 0f 2021 God is about to move


New Members Class

New Members Class


Here at OnsetFoursquare we think membership is a good thing. We believe that God would have His people who have committed their lives to Him to also commit to a local group of believers called the local church. We feel so strongly about this call that we encourage people to step up and consider becoming a committed member of Onset Foursquare—and if not our church then some church. If you would like to learn more about Onset Foursquare, we invite you to enroll in Membership Class, and completion of the class is a requirement before becoming a member, but you do not have to join OFC when the class ends– the choice is yours! Dates Our Classes will be available:July 13, August 10 and September 14 of 2019

Membership is: Committing to a Community of Faith in Action


“There are two things we cannot do alone. One is to be married and the other is to be a Christian.” Paul Tournier The Bible knows nothing of a solo Christian. Throughout Scripture God calls people to come together. The New Testament describes the church in ways that point to the importance of being committed to a community of fellow followers. The church is described as:

  • a vine (John 15: 5),
  • a flock (1 Peter 5:3),
  • a temple (Eph. 2:21,22),
  • a body (1 Cor. 12:27)
  • a household (Eph. 2:19).

All these metaphors and more describe a people who are connected to Christ and connected to one another.


The obvious commitment challenge in the New Testament is to faith Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. But the New Testament also points to some kind of formal commitment to a group of believers. This is seen through the letters to individual churches in various cities (Rome, Corinth, Ephesus, etc.), and in passages such as Acts 2:41 – “Those who accepted his message (this message of faith in Christ) were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day.” and Hebrews 10:25 – “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another…”


With this mandate from God’s Word, OFC feels called to actively live out our faith in Christ by:

  • worshiping together (John 4:19-24)
  • caring for one another together (Gal. 6:2)
  • growing through God’s Word together (2 Tim. 4:2)
  • giving together (2 Cor. 9:7)
  • serving together (1 Peter 4:10,11)
  • binding together in fulfilling our mission to Onset and around the world (Matt. 28:18-20)

Therefore, we point OFC attenders to consider becoming OFC members. We think we can make a difference together for the cause of Jesus Christ.




Prayer cannot be expressed enough. Prayer moves the Hand of God. Our Church as a body of believers rely upon the prayers of the Saints. Our Prayer Team is constantly praying for our ministry and for the Move of God on His People. Throughout the week our Team is gathering to intercede for the Body of Christ, our Pastors, Our Members, the Ministry and any Special Request that may have been shared during the week.
If you have a prayer request you can submit it below on our Prayer Wall

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