Conflict the War Between Flesh and Spirit

Unlike the picture above we as Christians know that we are made of body, soul and spirit and because of that we know that we are fighting everyday against our own flesh or worldly desires and the Spirit of God, Who dwells within us. It is the same battle that has been fought since the beginning when we fell from grace in the garden of Eden when we walked with God and our spirits were as one. Since that time there is no new sin under the sun; the first disobedience was Adam and Eve who allowed their flesh to succumb to temptation when they could have just trusted in God as they were walking with Him but nope it was a conflict between the flesh and the spirit. Then the first murder was within the first family, Cain and Able, brother against brother where again jealousy and covertness examples of the flesh at war with the spirit within us again brought death. This conflict or war between the flesh and spirit is very real and the only way to overcome it is to kill the flesh daily or die to our flesh daily and not fulfill the desires of our flesh but submit and surrender to the Holy Spirit that dwells within us. We can either allow the Spirit to have His way or we can have our way but what Way is better for us and for our families. That is why we need to lead by example and it can be done if we surrender our will for His, we can be more than an Overcomer. The Bible is full of scriptures that can help us to die to our flesh or desires and submit to God and His will but we can not just read them any longer we have to put them into practice as we seek the Lord and listen for the promptings of the Holy Spirit, Who speaks to our hearts and minds within unlike Satan who can only speak to our mind trying to confuse us and that is why we cannot allow him. The word of God tells us ” not to be conformed to the ways of this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds ” and that is why we need to stay in the word, in prayer and seek the LORD in all things and at all times so that we will not gratify the desires of the flesh and of this world. This takes consistency and lots of practice. So as John 3:30 says, ” He must become greater, so I must become less.” Let us work the word out in our lives so we can be the examples that Christ wanted us to be. Live life as Christ did because He was the Example the “Word” in the Flesh and we should want to be more like Him. That can only come when we follow Him in all we do. So have a great day and be blessed because we serve a great and awesome God.