Just like the picture with the characters showing bubbles over their heads because they are thinking about what to do and the  choices they need to make. We all have moments like that when we are deciding what to do. Whether we are young or old, man or women, we all have moments when we are deciding whether what we are about to do is wrong or right, whether good or bad, whether it will harm us or help us, whether it will change where we are or just make matters worse so if the truth be told we all have decisions and choices throughout each day that will either bring us into our destiny that God has for us so that we can fulfill the purpose on our lives or the choices we make will hinder us and keep us from all that God has for us and yes that choice is all ours to make. We are only responsible for ourselves not others but we are accountable for how we act and react towards others because it is a choice. God has given us freewill to do as we want but in reality He is always hoping that we choose Him and make the choices that please Him so that He can bless us when we come and when we go as the word tells us but when we choose to go against God and His will for our lives we will learn through experience when we could have just made the right choice and learn through His instruction which is His word but that is why the saying says, hard heads make for soft bottoms and that is so true so how many times do we want to have our bottoms spanked by our heavenly Father! I don’t know about you but I choose God and His way rather than my will and my way because there is too much heartache and pain doing it our way and being disobedient to His will. When you read the Bible which is His word we find that the Israelite’s did it their way for a long time and it caused them to be put into captivity and be in bondage to their enemy and that is still true today. We find ourselves in captivity to our minds and then we find ourselves in bondage to our sin so unless we transform the way we think as the word tells us, ” let us not be conformed to the ways of this world but let us be transformed by the renewing of our minds.” Don’t we know yet that it is a heart thing and when we get our hearts right the choices we make will no longer come from our mind it will come from within our hearts and that is what will change our minds. So let us make the right choice this day and everyday and be ever thankful that we have a choice still to make to God be the glory!!!! Amen and Amen