Alfred’s December Trip to Ukraine – Dec. 3 – 13, 2020

Pre-Trip Prayer Points
  1. Pray for travel plans to come together according to God’s will. Pray that I can reach the locations and orphanages that we plan to go to.
  2. Pray that Alfred, Linda and the OFC Missions Team will receive guidance and direction from Holy Spirit.
  3. Pray that the email newsletters and other trip awareness efforts will reach the hearts of hundreds of believers who will pray for the success of this trip and who will give cheerfully as God leads.
  4. Pray that we reach our goal of raising $1,900.
  5. Pray for safe travels for Alfred and his team on airplanes, trains, buses, metro, cars and on foot.
  6. Pray that my travels will not be hindered by Covid-related restrictions or fears.
  7. Pray that God would release funding to help orphans, families, and refugees; and to assist churches, organizations, pastors and others doing Kingdom work in Ukraine.
  8. Most Ukrainians live below or well below the poverty line and are especially hard hit with the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine, and of course the additional hardships of the current lockdowns. Pray for hearts to change and for God’s provision to pour out on this land.
  9. Pray that God will give me the right messages when I speak in church meetings and in orphanages. Pray that I will preach with boldness as Holy Spirit speaks through me.
  10. Thank God for all the fruit that will come about. Thank you Father for salvations, healings, deliverances and provision!
Daily Prayer Points
  • Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020 – Alfred flies from Boston at 7 PM to Amsterdam.
  • Friday, Dec. 4 – Alfred flies from Amsterdam arriving in Kiev, Ukraine at 1 PM their time. (Ukraine is 7 hours ahead of EST). Uber car from airport to hotel.
  • Saturday, Dec. 5 – Alfred travels by car to Cherkasy. Make plans for weekend and orphanage visits with Sasha, Sergei and Aleksey.
  • Sunday, Dec. 6 – Attend church, AM.   Shop for gifts for orphans, PM.
  • Monday, Dec. 7 – Visit “Warm House” Children’s Shelter. I had a dream about this place: that there were about a dozen unsaved children, and I would present the Gospel to them and they would accept Jesus!
  • Tuesday, Dec 8 – Travel about 70 miles by car to Gorodische. Visit orphanage there. Travel by car, bus or train in evening to Zhitomir oblast.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 9 – Meet Pastor Viktor and make plans for orphanage visits.
  • Thursday, Dec. 10 – Shop for gifts for orphans. Visit 2nd orphanage in Zhitomir oblast.
  • Friday, Dec. 11 – Travel Zhitomir to Kiev.
  • Saturday, Dec. 12 – Travel from Kiev to hotel near Borispol Int’l Airport.
  • Sunday, Dec. 13 – Take early morning flight to Amsterdam, then to Boston.


Look Above

Things always are better when we can ‘Look Above’ or beyond our issues because when we are going through sometimes things get cloudy and we are not able to see clearly. Read more…


Sometimes We Just Need A Word From The Lord

Sometimes we just need a word from the Lord. Any word from Him will do. Just to break that silence and remove the noise all around us that keeps trying to distract us from what God has already told us making us weary. Has anyone ever felt that way or is it just me? Read more…


It’s All About The Heart

It’s all about the heart for if our hearts are not right we can not keep our thoughts right or rebuke those those thoughts that come into our mind that are against God. Read more…


In Times Of Trouble What Do We Do


In times of trouble what do we do, do we get anxious, are we fearful, do we fight against the wrong people, do we fight back, do we curse or blame others, do we ignore what’s going on around us, are we quiet or silent, Read more…


Fear or Faith

Fear or Faith what do we have during these times of social isolation? It’s a question we all have to ask ourselves. Do we stand on the word of God and by faith believe what it says and then stand on that word by faith or do we fear the unknown allowing it to cause doubt! Read more…


His Mercy And His Grace Are New Everyday

His mercies and grace are new everyday and I thank Him for that especially in these times of separation and isolation for when we are alone and apart from the body of Christ our minds tend to wander and think about who we are and who we are not, at least mine does and I am trying to be transparent as we are being taught in the ‘Journey’ and that can be very tricky Read more…


Prayer Points

Points that you can Pray during this time


Points for Kenya Trip – Feb 24 – March 3, 2021


1. Pray for trip preparations: packing and adjusting the flight and hotel itineraries to match God’s plan for this trip.

2. Pray that Holy Spirit will lead me and guide me as I prepare my sermon and teaching notes.

3. Pray for Linda as she helps me with preparations, and that she’ll be blessed while I’m away. Pray for her as she takes over responsibilities of my business.

4. Pray for airline and ground connections.

5. Pray that I will have all the proper documents for entry into Kenya and for return to USA, and that there will be no hindrances at customs.

6. Pray that there will be enough money and extra for: transportation, hotels, food, and ministry.

7. Pray that we will find the right gifts for children.

8. Pray for my health and safety and for the health and prosperity of Pastor Enock and his family, the orphans, and widows of his church.

9. Pray for Enock, Shine for Christ Church and the land they occupy, that it would be fruitful providing abundant crops and grazing for Enock’s cow.

10. Pray that he will raise enough money to meet the next three payments so he can own his land outright.

11. Pray that I will be filled with the Holy Spirit as I prepare for church meetings with adults and meetings with children.

12. Pray that Enock’s church and tent meetings will be filled to overflowing with believers and nonbelievers alike.

13. Pray for a guitar for Pastor Enock to worship with at his church.

14. Thank God for the opportunity he’s given me to reach the nation of Kenya with the gospel of peace, love, joy, and abundance!

15. Thank God for the abundance of donations that has come in already. And thank him for the greater provisions that are soon to come!

16. Thank God for the awesome prayer meeting we had on February 18 and all the wisdom and encouragement that Linda and I were blessed with!



Always Look To The Cross

If our eyes are always looking to the cross we will never feel alone because with the cross we have Jesus the One who died for us and we know that there is no safer place to be than at the feet of Jesus. Read more…




In order to comply with the State guidelines of no more than 10 people gathering together- We have chosen to Live Stream our Sunday Services Live via our Share faith App or Youtube Live. This will go in effect 3/22/20 until further notice.
If you have not already downloaded the App follow this link( App) to do so. If you need assistance, please contact the office and we will help you step by step to get it done for you. Our office number 508-291-1595. Read more…