A Bitter Root Inside

A bitter root inside of us can spring up at any moment and can hurt those we love even when it has nothing to do with them because it is something within us that we have yet to give over to God. When we have been hurt in our past or even now if we don’t let go and let God it festers and is just like a seed planted in the ground when it is full blown or ready to be picked it pops up and unless we first acknowledge it and give it to God it will keep popping up causing pain and heartache to others and to ourselves. Offenses and hurts that happen to us as we grow can take root in us and sometimes we don’t even know that they are there until they show themselves and then we are ashamed or become defensive instead of dealing with the issues and giving them over to God, Who is able to take them away and clean us up inside so that that bitter root will no longer affect us in how we speak, act and react. So let us take inventory of ourselves and ask God to search us and if there is a bitter root within ask God to remove it and we will be the better for it because when there is nothing inside of us holding us back or causing division we can move effectively and corporately so that everyone who comes in contact with us with be blessed and we will be who God has called us to be clean and without spot or wrinkle. Amen
Read Psalm 139 for help but especially vs 23-24. May God bless us and keep us In Jesus Name Amen and Amen!!!