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Hearts for Ukraine is getting ready to visit Ukraine. Please Partner with us in Prayer as we unite in the Spirit for the children of this nation and it’s people.  
See Prayer Points for Alfred’s Trip below.


Hearts for Ukraine Missions Fund enables our area missionaries to care for workers in the region, develop partnerships with local leaders, and bring the gospel to unreached people and orphanages of Ukraine. Hearts for Ukraine Missions Fund is independently funded by tax-deductible individual and church donations, and 100 percent goes to the field. As a result, we are able to develop a network of churches to help support the needs of the children. So when someone comes to Jesus, they also have a church in which to grow.  


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Hearts for Ukraine travels to Ukraine, Kenya and other parts of the world, to meet with local pastors, churches and organizations that have been providing physical and spiritual support to orphans, elderly, and war refugees. Our goal is to encourage these wonderful people and to support them financially as they reach out to those in needs in their local regions.
As always, our mission is to preach the Gospel and to pray for the nation of Ukraine and others. Over the last 13 years, we have been limited to part-time ministry in Ukraine, usually making just two trips per year. That is why we encourage and support those in ministry in Ukraine. People depend on the local church to support them with their day-to-day needs, spiritually and often with financial needs (food, clothing, schooling, fuel, etc).
This time we’re we are taking a step of faith believing in a vision to financially bless those individuals, churches and organizations who are working daily in service to orphans, families, refugees and the elderly. We will also visit orphanages in western and eastern Ukraine.

UKRAINE Prayer Points

Alfred’s Trip – November 28 – December 7, 2021


Purpose & Goals

I’m very excited to announce another mission to Ukraine! God gave me clear direction through a dream and words of knowledge, and he gave my wife the date I should leave! And one day while coming downstairs and seeing a pile of change, I noticed there was a Ukrainian coin there. At that moment, I was so moved by Holy Spirit! God gave me a longing to go back to Ukraine. This was my clear call to action, if the other revelations weren’t enough! I leave on November 28, and return on Dec 7, 2021. The Lord has put Western Ukraine on my heart again. I’ll be going to Ternopol and Zhitomir regions to once again, preach the Gospel in orphanages and churches. I will be hosted by a few of my friends who dedicate their lives to helping children and families with their physical and spiritual needs. We’ll visit 3 – 4 orphanages, 2 churches, touching lives young and old and praying for the nation. 

Whenever we visit an orphanage, we not only pray for the children and teach them about God’s love for them, we also bring gifts to them like needed school supplies, staple foods, clothing, or medicine. We usually ask the director before we arrive what the greatest need is; then our ministry purchases the requested items and brings them to the orphanage. 

Obviously, there is a funding need for a trip like this: to buy gifts for the orphans, to travel there, for ground transportation, lodging and translation. If so moved to give, your donations will help buy the food and school supplies and other items they need. But more importantly, it helps me get there to the mission field where God has many wonderful plans for all to hear His Word and believe!


Prayer Points

  • Pray for travel, especially with Covid restrictions, that customs and other security checkpoints will allow Alfred through with no issues.  Pray that all paperwork and test results will be proper.
  • Pray for smooth in-country connections – train, bus & car rides.
  • Pray for guidance and wisdom from Holy Spirit.
  • Pray they reach the fund-raising goal of $1,900. This will pay for travel, including gas for drivers, translators, food & gifts for the orphans.
  • Pray for the orphans and the adults, that Holy Spirit will prepare their hearts and draw them to these meetings.
  • Pray that God will give Alfred the right messages at the right time; and there will be salvations, healing and deliverance!


Daily Prayer Points

Nov 28 – Fly out of Boston 7 PM to Amsterdam. Pray for favor with gate agents and airport security that all travel documents will be accepted. 

Nov 29 – Fly Amsterdam to Ukraine, car ride to Rivne, Pray for translator’s mom who has cancer. Pray for an on-time connection in Amsterdam. There is only about a 1-hour layover there, so again, favor with travel documents and no other delays in order to proceed to next flight to Ukraine. Pray for favor with customs upon entering Ukraine. It’s about 5 hours by car from airport to Rivne; pray for safe travels and to get some rest before going to pray for Helen’s cancer. Pray Holy Spirit empowerment for Alfred to have boldness and words of wisdom in casting out and declaring healing to her body.

Nov 30 – Drive to Lviv to meet Pastor Misha who will translate until Thursday. Drive to Ternopol to meet Vitaliy who will arrange orphanages and/or prayer time. Pray that Vitaliy will have favor with orphanage directors to let us in and visit children (despite reservations due to Covid restrictions)

Dec 1 – Visit orphanage and/or pray in the city. If there is not an opportunity for a 2nd orphanage we will spend time praying at government buildings, parks or high places to bring down the kingdom of darkness in the region and shine the light of Jesus the Christ on the land and the people. Share a message at Vitaliy’s home group. Pray God downloads the right message to Alfred and there will be a tangible presence of Holy Spirit in the room!

Dec 2 – Drive to Lviv to catch a train to Zhitomir. This is actually a day of rest and reflection as they travel by car and train to the next region for ministry. Pray for rest and revelation for what’s ahead.

Dec 3 – Train arrives Zhitomir 2 AM. Pray for easy connection (car ride) from train station to hotel, and that Alfred will get adequate rest. Visit orphanage that afternoon. Thank you that at least one orphanage visit has already been arranged! Pray they can find the right gifts and needed items. And pray that Alfred will preach boldly, the salvation message to these children and for God to do unexpected miracles! He will be using a new translator. Pray she will convey the message in the same Spirit.

Dec 4 – Visit a second orphanage in Zhitomir region. Pray they can get into another orphanage and for the same favor and boldness in preaching.

Dec 5 – Share a message at Pastor Viktor’s church. Pray for an anointed service at his church and that God will give the right message for this service.

Dec 6 – Car ride to Airport hotel. Pray for another time to rest and reflect about all God has done for the people of Ukraine.

Dec 7 – Fly Kiev to Amsterdam to Boston. Again, pray for favor with connections. Airline agents, security and customs.

Onset Foursquare Church has a Heart for Missions Around the World. We connect with several Missionaries in the Philippines, Ireland, Wales, Albania, Haiti, Kenya and Ukraine. We know that there are needs all around the world and when you reach out to those in need God blesses your heart of giving.